Before we transferred to Korea, we read a lot of content about Seoul.

I figured that surviving in nearby Yeonsu, Incheon allows us to relive the magnificence days of my personal fx times in Hong Kong, partying in a multicultural bubble with a great stability of eastern satisfy West. The thing I didnt recognize during the time is the fact that dependent on where you live, youre not necessarily right outside Seoul, even though it may seem like truly on a map. If youre caught in Yeonsu like I found myself (the much conclusion of Incheon) without a car or truck, it takes more two hours in order to get there.

Thus after six months, do I regret creating generated the relocate to Incheon?

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Owing to my personal range from Seoul, I averted the sleep-eat-drink-repeat lifestyle that explained element of my 20s, pressuring me to face actual issues and cultural immersion.

Highlighting in the finally half a year, below are a few of my major takeaways from an urban area we today call home.

On Making Friends

Though Ive for ages been a social butterfly, acquiring buddies within this throat from the woods (apart from several foreigners) happens to be only a little tougher considering my restricted Korean code skills (please stay away from this blunder if you intend on going right here, or at least learn the alphabet). Thus, Ive had a limited range of pals to choose from, due to the fact people from other countries listed below are an ultra fraction when compared with Seoul. English speaking women can be a much greater fraction within my neighbourhood, which means the majority of the people i’ve fulfilled were guys & most with the exact same objectives as eternal bachelors down the page:

There have only been from time to time where i’vent moved into a regional expat pub without having to be told through a gross blackfling quizzen, older partnered dude that i ought to get back with your to possess a real penis (kinda go along with you around, dickhead), have drunkenly slobbered over by guys which arent thinking about discovering or recalling my personal label, or has males reason that i will sleep together because life are short.

Everything said, Ive fulfilled some amazing someone here both Koreans and non-Koreans as well. Some, like my personal colleague Elizabeth Alessandro, i’dnt trade for 100 drinking contacts in Seoul even when I have to withstand multiple expat fvckbois together with method.

On Interacting

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Chances are, Ive gotten the Korean alphabet pretty much all the way down, i understand the survival words and phrases, and I can steer a cabbie completely in Korean but my life might be infinitely convenient easily didnt have to rely on my bosses/ co-worker/ friends to convert products for me normally. My friends in Seoul has received by for decades without talking much Korean, but outside Seoul, it is a much larger obstacle (truly so; the planet doesnt are obligated to pay all of us services in English). Just lately, they required almost 2 days to get a ticket to Guam since journey website had been completely in Korean, and I also almost gave up because of this. Getting wiser and much more culturally smart than me personally. Find out some Korean before you arrive.

On Transport


If youre searching for inexpensive transport and an affordable thrill, ride an area coach. Most bus drivers believe in stopping suddenly, burning yellow lights and closing doors on everyone. Ole!


Taxis were ridiculously inexpensive for neighborhood trips, so half the time my personal co-worker seize a taxi home rather than the passing bus from hell. The majority of cabbies are often pretty sweet; some may even try to exercise their English along with you and educate you on some Korean on the way. Good times all-around.

Korail/ KTX

Aside from several busses or a costly cab experience, the subway will be your go-to to get to Seoul as well as its close areas. This app causes it to be infinitely simple to browse yourself around city.


If youre seeking to get out of town, Incheon airport terminal and Gimpo arent too far away. See Skyscanners Flexible choice to have a look at most affordable flights at any time.

About Bar World

Heres a reasonably exhaustive range of the most common non-native friendly taverns around Incheon:

A rather large club from inside the Songdo room run by an English-speaking Korean people. They’ve unexpected available mic evenings, and are generally the only real bar I’m sure of in Incheon that provide vegetable hamburgers.

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