Developed in 1985, G Data was one of the first companies to offer ant-virus software. Their solutions are easy to use and gives excellent customer service. Their products are designed for the consumer and SMB market segments.

G Data’s desktop applications have straightforward interfaces with advanced setup options. The mobile apps also have user-friendly cadre. They have a complete feature set, including a backup tool, email protection and net protection.

Probably G Data’s more interesting features is the USB Keyboard Guard, which will protects from malicious UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS devices. The application uses a mixture of two diagnostic engines to detect afflicted USB generates.

G Data’s antivirus software also includes WEBSITE filtering, unsolicited mail protection, a particular browser and two antivirus engines. The antivirus is normally fast and features a proactive approach to discovering new threats. It is also competent to kill ransomware. This is not one of the most efficient system in the world, nonetheless it’s the most impressive antivirus suites out there.

G Data’s firewall is also highly effective, and is able to be configured in autopilot function. This makes it a fairly easy choice for property users who also don’t want to worry about creating their firewall.

G Data has a 30-day money-back guarantee. They also offer a discount with regards to users whom renew the license. The entire cost of their very own antivirus deal is not so high, especially compared to top tier brands. It is also a value for money if you only have to protect 1 device.

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