Light Females Matchmaking Ebony Guys Are Guilty Until Confirmed Innocent

Sep 22, 2017 · 4 minute review

See, up to white people like to pretend that individuals live in a “post-racial” society — we don’t. Yes , we have advanced and yes everything is getting better, but after the day we nevertheless are now living in an incredibly racist community. Therefore, we & most any other person of tone in the world is really doubtful about white lady dating/fucking black boys. Not just because they’re white, but because y’all posses a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG reputation of using and fetishizing black colored boys to fulfill your racist fantasies. It can save you the think-piece about how “reverse racist” Im because i actually do perhaps not worry, and facts are insights. Actually, even we occasionally think perhaps men and women are overreacting or being dramatic concerning this entire thing, however a news title happens about some small white lady contacting the woman black boyfriend a nigger or blaming him for a robbery she performed, and I’m similar to —

Guess we is correct. Now, no one is stating every WW/BM interracial connection is made on racism, but this happens very damn often that you’re planning need prove to me, you ain’t a trifflin becky before I trust your.

Lest we do not ignore Emmett Till together with trifflin becky which had your murdered for no reasons. Unfamiliar with your? I’d like to provide you with an instant overview. Emmett Till was a 14-year old black colored child in Chicago in 1955 who had been murdered for presumably flirting with a white woman. We say allegedly because everybody else in the world realized she was lying right after which merely previously this present year, this old bitch was released and acknowledge she lied. Not too destroying a 14-year older (or people) for flirting was fine, but their lying regarding it, just made it tough. Becky lied about that incident and informed her four male members of the family this negro had been flirting together with her. The men visited Emmett’s uncle’s home where he was keeping kidnapped and tortured him. Tied your towards again of a truck and drove about, defeat him and tossed his human body in to the lake. He was so terribly tortured that whenever his muscles was actually discovered, their mind ended up being disfigured, along with his one of is own eyes happened to be lacking. That is the types of wicked crap white people do in order to black boys. Actually this isn’t more than 100 years ago, this is 1955.

Or think about The Scottsboro Young Men? In 1931, nine black young men comprise implicated of raping two sleeping ass white female. eight from the nine happened to be found guilty with zero proof and Pembroke Pines escort reviews sentenced to death.

Maybe not latest sufficient individually? Well, you’re in luck because white lady haven’t stopped being evil.

1985 — The core playground Five exact same crap, implicated of rape by sleeping ass white lady.

1994 — Susan Smith, reported she was basically carjacked by a black man exactly who stole the lady teenagers but you know what? Works out she rolling this lady automobile into longer Lake in S.C. by herself, drowning her very own little ones.

2007 — Amanda Knox, murdered her roomie and charged the woman black supervisor. Really, he had beenn’t even the only black people implicated within this. An innocent black man offered fifteen years in prison before she accepted she caused it to be right up.

2010 — Bethanny Storro, reported a black people merely strolled as much as the woman and tossed acid on her behalf, disfiguring her face. Turns out, she lied. She put they on herself as an attempted suicide.

I am talking about i will continue, but i believe you receive the idea. White female has an extended reputation of getting positively wicked towards black guys, and also this does not also consider individuals who date black people merely to piss off their particular racist daddies or have an “I love larger black colored c*ck” dream. Or like Lena Dunham making up a whole story about Odell Beckham Jr, body shaming their and phoning this lady fat because he performedn’t view the woman throughout the Met Gala.

Very certainly, there clearly was a reason we-all side-eye WW/BM affairs. Discover a reason exactly why i actually do perhaps not provide white lady the benefit of the doubt. I’m not saying every interracial union is a lot like this, but considering a long record withn’t ceased to can be found, I am about to require you to show your self not a trifflin becky very first.

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