Nothing volunteer chosen white otherwise grey

Research 1

Pertaining to ‘drawn to’ color 104 (99%) of the 105 match volunteers responded it matter which have fourteen (14%) users going for ‘Yellow 14’ as their hottest ‘drawn to’ color. 103 (98%) victims replied issue off ‘favourite’ colour with 16 (16%) choosing ‘Blue 28’. With regards to ‘mood’ color merely 41 (39%) of your own fit volunteers relevant they which have a tone having ‘Yellow14’ as being the hottest ‘mood’ color choices.


So you can assess reproducibility 59 match volunteers regular the colour survey once a period of 14 days. 20 (34%) somebody offered the exact same ‘drawn to’ colour effect, twenty seven (46%) find the same ‘favourite’ colour and you can 38 (64%) offered an equivalent ‘mood’ colour.

Studies dos

The new percentage of people score a certain color as the confident otherwise bad try found into the Shape 3. For example, colour number one was believed positive because of the step 3% and you may negative of the twenty-four% whereas colour amount 30 was considered confident inside 43% and bad by the dos%. For this reason there is significant variation in the positive and negative attributions of one’s additional color. It absolutely was hence needed to expose exactly what mix of rates, both positive and negative, top offered a sign of if or not a tone should truly be considered to be positive otherwise negative on relax being classified as neutral. Consequently a number of eight permutations had been developed (Desk 1) having fun with different percent for just what is actually evaluated an optimistic or negative colour. Particularly, Permutation step one defined a confident colour in general where 20% or even more men and women regarded as it positive and 5% or quicker considered it as negative. Similarly, a tone is actually identified as negative in the event the 20% or even more of individuals ranked it as bad and you can 5% or shorter rated it as positive. People colors perhaps not meeting such requirements was basically categorized while the neutral. Subsequent permutations turned into increasingly more restrictive. The newest shipping of colours within the each one of the other permutations try intricate in the Profile cuatro. A further hitting finding try that shade in the same color group (we.age. organization or reds) got very different connotations for people, regarding its positivity or negativity, according to brightness and you can saturation (i.age. dark yellow in place of pale yellow). Therefore, comparable styles out of some other colour teams, as an example black vegetables and you can black reds, was in fact prone to have the same connotation than just different styles regarding the same color group.

Positive and negative critiques for each and every color by match volunteers. The latest percentage of match volunteers who ranked for every single color to the ‘Color Wheel’ due to the fact often positive (P) otherwise negative (N) try revealed. Eg, 72% away from people rated Purple fourteen while the confident while 0.5% ranked they bad alternatively just one% off volunteers ranked Black 33 once the positive while 74% ranked it as bad.

Delivery of colors about seven permutations. The building of your own 7 permutations try totally discussed inside the Desk step 1. Permutations 1 and 2 is the really including self-confident and you will bad shade whereas Permutations 7 and 8 will be the very limiting. If the a shade are thought neither confident neither negative during the a variety of permutation it had been classified given that basic.


So you can assess reproducibility 23 anybody frequent along with questionnaire 14 days later on. Away from a maximum of 874 you can easily answers regarding choosing positive vibe tone, 767 (88%) had been the exact same. Also, 798 (91%) negative disposition tone was in fact similar when asked a moment big date.

Research step three

108 (100%) stressed and you will 108 (98%) depressed some one responded the fresh ‘drawn to’ matter with ‘Yellow 14’ are the most common in both organizations (nervous = 13 (12%), depressed = 11 (10%)). 108 (100%) nervous and 109 (99%) disheartened sufferers responded to issue for the ‘favourite’ color with eleven (10%) stressed opting for ‘Blue 28’ as the most prominent color and you may 18 (17%) depressed choosing ‘Blue 27’ directly followed closely by fifteen (17%) some body going for ‘Blue 28’. 76 (70%) anxious and 87 (79%) depressed volunteers relevant a tone to their mood having ‘Grey 35’ and you will ‘Grey 36’ monopolising the top a couple of metropolises of these two groups. twelve (16%) anxious somebody and you can 19 (22%) depressed picked ‘Grey 36’ and you will eight (9%) anxious and you will thirteen (15%) depressed selected ‘Grey 35’ (Profile 5).

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